Own Your Metaverse Avatar

With more and more people becoming interested in the metaverse, we decided to launch our exclusive Meta Avatar NFT collection.

Only instead of being a single picture, Meta Avatars consists of hundreds unique frames that play on a single theme. Each of these can be used as your in-universe avatar. And you can switch between them whenever you want.

Each sequence is hand-picked from a vast pool of AI-generated sequences by our in-house team of art experts, with less than 0.1% of all sequences ever being deemed worthy-enough of being minted.

  • Ivan

    Based on a famous portrait drawn by Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich. Art experts do not believe that the original portrait was drawn from a real human model. However, our AI was able to recreate the person tha Malevich held in his mind as he worked on the portrait.
  • Anonymous Mask

    Can a mask work by a person become so integrated with a person that they become the essence of the mask? The masks we wear make us different. This Metal Avatar is based on the Guy Fawkes mask, a symbol of rebellion endorsed by thousands of online hacktivists. Our AI drew a set of portraits to see the inner worlds of these people.
  • Ferrum Ferret

    Some people look incredibly similar to animals. Some look like bears. Some like dogs. Some like toads. This Meta Avatar would be perfect for someone going under the alias of Ferrum Ferret.
  • Mao

    It doesn't matter if a portrait is black or white, so long as it catches mice. This idea, first formulated by a Chinese government leader, is responsible for the recent success of Chinese society. These avatars were created based on a portrait of Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People's Republic of China. With this portrait, we want to say that color and form don’t matter. What is important is the artistic thought and the intention.
  • Eyes

    Eyes are the windows to your soul. This magnificent Meta Avatar started life as a fine are a painted portrait and went through several surprising changes. Everything else changes, but the look in its eyes remains.
  • Real Life CryptoPunk

    This Meta Avatar shows how a CryptoPunk could look if they were a real-life Hollywood movie star.
  • Drawing

    A surprisingly interesting Meta Avatar that we generated from a simple drawing. The character is presented in several different looks and identities that will suit people of many tastes.
  • Comic Book Hero

    Ever wished you could become a comic book hero? This Meta Avatar allows you to put on 600 unique comic book hero-style faces.