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Collections de jetons non fongibles (NFT)

The Art of Naming

A carefully curated collection of AI-generated fractal art.

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  • Step 1:

    The images are first generated by a piece of specialist software based on a set of expert-chosen parameters.

  • Step 2:

    The most stunning examples (less than 0.1% of all generated images) are carefully selected by a team of experts.

  • Step 3:

    Lastly, the art pieces are named in a way that grants them artistic meaning. This is the most important step of the process. A human mind breathes life into AI-generated images, creating art out of ones and zeroes.

Meta Avatars

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Over a century ago, Kazimir Malevich introduced the world to a new era of art, the name of which was suprematism. With the creation of the Black Square (1915), the art world journeyed from complex portraits to a single square.

Today’s AI can do the exact opposite. It can create a portrait out of a single square. It can show you how your CryptoPunk would look like if it was a human. And it can breathe new life into existing works of art, broadening humanity’s artistic horizons.


Vitaliy Tihomirov

Founder of the Vitalentum, SEO and SMM specialist.

Education: Riga Technical University

Country: Latvia

Artur Kasyanov

Writer, generator of ideas.

Education: University of Latvia

Country: Latvia

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    Vitaliy Tihomirov

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    Artur Kasyanov

  • Artist's Portrait

    Mark Lang

    Finnish artist

    Stay tuned for more details.

  • Artist's Portrait

    Vassa Ko

    Russan artist

    Creator of other reality and worlds.

  • Artist's Portrait


    Sweden Artist

    Combining classical landscape and digital art.


Only professionals *** Only smart *** Only interesting.

Our Teachers

You don't have to pay for knowledge.

  • Teacher's Portrait

    Kazimir Malevich

    Russian artist

    The first person in the world to draw a pixel.

  • Teacher's Portrait

    Alexander Bard

    Swedish philosopher

    The world’s first true netocrat. One of the greatest philosophers of the modern age. Proved the fact that ideas and information are what rules the world.

  • Teacher's Portrait

    Eric Satie

    French composer

    Created art for life. Created the idea of background music. Also played an important role in the creation of modern popular music.


The current NFT market is nearly devoid of in-demand modern art. And the reason for this is that it lacks tokens with real artistic ideas behind them.

The Problems of the Current NFT Market:

  • Sites that sell NFTs are filled to the brim with extremely bright, animated images. So much so that they should come with a warning that they’re recommended for children and people prone to epileptic seizures.

  • Generated characters or images that attempt to copy the success of CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks. Such copying creates senseless, recycled art without any merit or meaning.

  • Digital copies of famous works of art. Photos of physical masterpieces put into NFT form are not masterpieces in their own right. They don’t contain even a single fleck of the genius of the original creation.

NFT tokens

Our mission is to create unique tokens that have artistic thoughts and ideas behind them..

NFTs are thoughts expressed as artistic acts captured in the blockchain.

Vitalentum Network


A next-generation social network for content creators

While modern social networks seem very sophisticated, their functionality is actually very limited. They allow users to share text, audio recordings, photos, and video clips. Instead of expanding their functionality, social networks spend most of their resources on the analysis of user data, which allows them to show targeted ads.

The goal of Vitalentum is to enable individuals to become self-fulfilled by creating content that is useful to their friends, their community, and the world. In order to do this, we will create a set of thematic platforms that will bring together creators of content and its consumers.