The Art of Naming

The product of a perfect symbiosis of artificial and human intelligence, The Art of Naming is our premier collection. The collection consists of carefully-curated pieces of AI-generated fractal art. Each image is the result of a human mind breathing life into AI-generated images and thus creating art out of ones and zeroes.

The artistic process behind the creation of each NFT is long and time-consuming. The images are first generated by a piece of specialist software. The most stunning examples (less than 0.1% of all images) are then carefully selected by a team of art experts. A separate team takes the resulting artworks, re-examines them to verify their exceptionality, and then proceeds to name them. Lastly, the artworks are sent to a team of independent art experts who confirm the artistic significance of each finished artpiece.

  • Boson Collisions in the Large Hardon Collider

    NFT number 1
  • Donald Trump

    NFT number 2
  • Happy New Year

    NFT number 3
  • K-Pop Grandma

    NFT number 4
  • Plot of an Agatha Christie Novel

    NFT number 5
  • Renovating the Bathroom

    NFT number 6
  • Terracotta Army

    NFT number 7
  • The Goldfinch

    NFT number 8